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List of competitions and activities for profile building and CV enhancement

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Accomplish holistic development and academic excellence.
Build Creative Confidence and Explore futuristic disciplines.
Rishi Valley
"Through UAH I discovered the passion for tinkering and am trying to model a moon-rover. The school’s maker space helps but the inspiration came from UAH!"
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Kavita K. Grade 11, Rishi Valley
UWC South East Asia
"UAH helped me find my interests in a very unique fashion. Earlier, I was afraid to venture forth in the realms of English Literature – my favourite subject. UAH helped me explore ‘contact theatre’, ‘spoken word poetry’ and a host of things which gave me the confidence to pursue the discipline that I love. Thank you."
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Rachel L. UWC South East Asia – Dover Campus
Delhi Public School
"The learing experience at UAH was mindboggling. I never thought that I could think of Engineering and Arts together. I always thought that I had to choose one or the other. However, it was interesting to discover topics like Arts in Engineering, Bio-mimicry and give my design muscle energy across these blended disciplines. It changed my life!"
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Monesh K. DPS R K Puram
Delhi Public School
"I had deep passion for Photography, Conservation and Ecological Sciences. None of the existing courses allow me to integrate these three interests of mine. At UAH, I could focus on building a pathway which was aligned to my core passion and build a career as a Conservation Podcaster"
User Image
Lalitha K. Woodstock School, Mussorie